ANZAC day is when we acknowledge all the people who served as part of the World Wars.
You MUST complete the Green challenge but then the order you complete the other tasks is up to you!

Work your way through the Gallipoli landing and see what it was like to be there. Gallipoli Landing - in 3D

Our understandings at the end of the week... Wow they have changed!!!





















Green Challenge - The ANZACs

Read through the following sites and in your own words record 2 important facts that you think every NZer should know about WW1 and the ANZAC's. Draft these in your Writing book - edit then publish.

Kids Quick Facts - Christchurch Library
The Gallipoli Campaign
An Introduction to ANZAC Day

Red Challenge - ANZAC Alphabet

Take a look at this ANZAC alphabet - choose 2 letters and write about that letter in your own words! Or you might have another idea for your 2 letters, create your own ANZAC Alphabet letter. You might like to draw an image to help support your understanding.

An ANZAC Alphabet

Grey Challenge - WW1 Imag

Take a look at these images from WW1. What do you think it was like being part of the Wars?

Write your feelings into your jottings book

WW1 Image Gallery - Auckland Museum

Turquoise Challenge - The Last Post

Listen to this song - it is called the post. When you have listened to it finish this sentence: When I listened to 'The Last Post' I felt...

The Last Post - Listen here

Purple Challenge - A Letter from Gallipol

Watch the movie - it is a letter from a soldier going to war. What was your reaction to this letter? What was life like for a soldier at war? Record any feelings or thoughts you had as you watch it.

What life was like at war.

Brown Challenge - ANZAC Quiz

Take the ANZAC Quiz and see how much you have learnt. Record your score. (Or take a screen shot of your certificate and save it to your folder on the server)

Take the ANZAC quiz

Orange Challenge - Ways that we remember:

Watch the video or visit one of the websites. Explain to someone who isn't from NZ what it is and what happens for it.

Dawn Service in Auckland
At the Auckland Museum AUCKLAND MUSEUM
The Poppies we wear. Wearing Poppies
ANZAC Cookies
external image poppy3d.jpg
external image poppy3d.jpg

EXTRA 4 EXPERTSWatch this video about NZ's oldest WW1 veteran. Our Oldest Soldier - Video from NZ on Screen
ANZAC Information from Brainways
Learn a lot more here at this ANZAC Webquest
Look at the NZ Post stamps that have been used during the years. Create your own stamp to remember ANZAC's and ANZAC Day. Draw a rectangle in your book and create the stamp inside it - remember all the things a stamp needs. If you get stuck, look at the the examples on the page to help you.