welcome to Aaron's pagepeter pan

Hi I'm Aaron
I'm ten years old.

I like to go on the farm with my dad and one of the fun things
to do is mowing in the tractor.

I am a big fan of rugby I play in Kereone and in 2011 I will be playing for
northen I reckon It will be fun on 2010 it was my first time playing in
rugby boots and it was awesome.

I go to tahuna school I have good mates and an awesome class
our class name is discovery.

I will light the candles and put the flag up half mast for the families that lost their loved ones.

I know they will be shedding tears, I will prey for God to let them Rest in Peace.

And be with him in heaven.

On Sunday the 6th of March 2011 we went into a padick that we used for the turnips it was wet and muddy from all the rain we had so we decided to take all our motor bikes down including the four wheeler and a tralier and then we decided see if we can get the tralier with me and Dad in it and we did and I got covered in mud and disey

By Aaron Ralph

here is me holding a Snapper and Mark is beside with a Kahawai

Here is my tessalation.Describe what you learnt and the level you achieved here Aaron.

Discovery day info on Motorbikes
How to fix a honda dirt bike clutch

How to change motor oil on a honda

Radiator:Keeps the engine at the best temperture [around 100 degres celcius].

My goal for the BFT is to get a hundred %