Hockey Soccer day - Recount

it was a sunney day at The recuraction in my team was. Ara(C), Nadia, Matt, Te Kawhi, Tasha, Paige, bobby, I. I Came with Mrs Clarke and in The car there was Kayal, Stacey, Jesse. when we got To the Rec we whent and find our team. our Team was The Tahnewha. and the outher team was The Tackler. The Tackler's were Kayal(C), Daniel, Daytone, casey, Renee, Rhys, Jesse, geogrie. the Tannhi went To soccor first and the tackler went to hockey and the tackler vs St Joseph 3 and the Tahnewha vs St josehph and the Tackler Drewed with St Joseheph 5.

The leagend of Paikea

once there lived two boys who lived in whangara east new zealand. it was very winddy there so the boys went out to fly there kite
and one of the boys kites went near the sleeping house and it went on to the sleeping house and he said ah it's all right climb up and get it then
his dad said who is on the

peter pan book

My heart goes to allthe miners who risked there lives to go underground and all that we care bless their souls my love to all of you. Cameron